The Times They Are A Changin'

October 17, 2019

The Times They Are A Changin'

What the Heck Have We Been Doing For So Long?!

Come gather ‘round, people…….Jonthings is coming back. It’s been quite a while since we started this party back in 2016 and boy did we have no idea what we were getting into. We had no idea how popular our products were going to be and what the challenges were going to be in fulfilling our orders. We had some hiccups, but we have been working hard the last few years to fix these issues and get back to creating. Let’s address a few things and what to expect in the future:




  • We had no idea what to expect when it came to getting our products delivered in a timely and reliable manner. We chose a shipping partner and we chose poorly as it resulted in numerous lost orders and unreliable tracking.

  • We have been working hard to find a new shipping partner that is reliable and timely who we can count on to get our products into your hands quickly, reliably, and in a cost-effective manner. Because of our previous blunder in choice we are taking our time and using everything we learned to make a thorough and well-informed choice moving forward. We are in the final stages of making a deal with a shipping partner. Updates on that very soon.


  • We were having issues offering our products at prices we consider fair for our customers while allowing us to create new products and sustain our business due to our supplier constantly increasing the price of material. In addition to that it was hard to keep up with the demand due to how long it took us to create each item.

  • We are fixing these problems by sourcing new materials that offer the same properties and allow us to continue creating quality items, quickly and in a manner that allows us to meet our number one goal, getting our Jonthings in your hands. We are close to making a deal with a supplier now, more on this soon…

  • In addition to new material we are also going to move forward in completing new product designs as well as new product lines that we have been developing. We are very excited to release these.


  • Last, and most importantly we intend to help our fans and customers going forward by sharing what we have learned so that they can create unique products or items of their own. We wouldn’t have learned anything without you so it’s only fair to share our knowledge with you. We plan on creating blog posts, videos, and other instructional content covering topics such as:
    • Starting a Business with Your Creations
    • How to Turn Your Ideas Into a Creation
    • Avoiding Common Mistakes When Designing
    • Picking Materials to Make Your Creations From
    • Creating Media for Your Business

  • In addition to this content we also plan on updating our website to better serve our fans and sharing Jonthings projects that probably wont end up as items for sale, but that we think are cool. In addition to Jonthings projects we also plan on sharing projects from other creators out there that we think have great content value.

So What's All That Junk Up There Say Anyway......

We get it, that’s a whole lot of words up there. Who’s got time for all that readin’ anyway? So here is the summary, we are improving our shipping, we are making new products, we are creating content that will help other creators make things of their own, and we are updating our website.

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