To make the things that represent the personality of the user and not just plain jane cookie cutter products.We intend on doing so through a wide array of visually interesting products that all have a function and solve daily problems. There are so many products out there that it is hard to find something that has been carefully designed to combine a unique aesthetic with awesome functionality. That is our goal at Jonthings, to stand out against the white noise that is consumer products and provide a little personality.


  • » Sculpted, designed, and reproduced by hand.
  • » Safe & non-toxic, materials that leverage texture, design and functionality.
  • » Shipped out of Louisville,KY


“The items you purchase and own are an extension of yourself, so what are you saying by buying boring cookie cutter products with no personality?”

Tired of boring products that are designed without any thought to look of the product and what it says about the users I went on a search to find a unique holder for my phone. To my dismay I found a few interesting variations, but they were all mass produced products with no human feel to them. People aren't machines we are all unique and different in many ways, and we think the products people own should be as unique as they are. After all the things we buy are representations of us. From this concept the phone claw was born. It is the first product in a long line of products for phones that will represent how individualized each person is. Sure, its harder to produce these designs but the reaction I get when I deliver the product validates all the work that goes into each product. We hand mix and pour each part that we make and inspect every last detail to make sure they are as awesome as you are.

Designed by Humans, Made By Humans, For Humans.



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